Elevate your gaming experience with the CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair where comfort meets style for the ultimate gaming throne.

  1. Breathable Fabric: T3 RUSH’s fabric exterior minimizes heat retention, offering contoured comfort for intense gaming sessions.
  2. Lay-Flat Seat Back: 160° reclining with a lockable 10° tilt provides customizable comfort for your ideal gaming position.
  3. Neck and Lumbar Support: Padded cushions in plush microfiber enhance relaxation during gameplay for neck and lower back.
  4. Easy Assembly: Swift setup with an efficient assembly process gets you seated quickly for immediate gaming action.
  5. Embedded Steel Frame: Solid steel in the chair base and back ensures durability, promising years of strength during intense gaming.
  6. Dual Wheel Casters: 65mm wheels allow easy gliding on various surfaces, enhancing mobility and convenience.
  7. Adjustable Armrests: 4D armrests provide versatility, adjusting in any direction to support your posture during extended gaming sessions.
  8. Seat Height Adjustment: Effortlessly set your seat to the ideal height with 100mm of adjustable range, supported by a sturdy steel-construction gas lift.
  9. Durable Construction: The embedded steel frame guarantees long-lasting strength, ensuring the chair withstands the rigors of intense gaming.
  10. All-Day Comfort: Enjoy contoured support, customizable reclining, and ergonomic features for battling through extended gaming sessions.
Property Value
Color Charcoal
Product Dimensions 85 x 58.5 x 44 cm; 19.9 Kilograms
Is Assembly Required Yes
Assembly Type Require Assembly
Primary Material Alloy Steel
Type of Wood Alloy Steel
Finish Type Powder Coated
Warranty Summary 2 year Manufacturer
What is in the box? Cushion
Care Instructions Wipe Clean
Number of Shelves 1
Shipping Weight 26.2 Kilograms
Item Model Number CF-9010057-WW
Manufacturer Corsair

5 Best Gaming Chairs Dubai: Find Your Perfect Seat for Gaming

Gaming Comfort Redefined: Unveiling the CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

In the dynamic realm of gaming, a comfortable throne can make all the difference. Enter the CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair, a pinnacle of ergonomic design and style crafted to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Unveiling the CORSAIR T3 RUSH | Gaming Chair

The Essence of CORSAIR

Known for top-tier gaming peripherals, CORSAIR extends its expertise to the T3 RUSH Gaming Chair. Meticulously designed with gamers in mind, this chair marries aesthetics with functionality for an unparalleled gaming and seating experience.

Sleek Design, Sturdy Build, Gaming Chair

The T3 RUSH boasts a sleek, race-car-inspired design, with a blend of faux leather and breathable fabric for both comfort and durability. The chair’s robust steel frame ensures stability, making it a reliable companion for intense gaming sessions.

Ergonomic Excellence

At the heart of the T3 RUSH is a commitment to ergonomic perfection. The high backrest provides crucial support for the spine, neck, and shoulders, promoting a healthy and comfortable sitting posture during extended gaming marathons.

Features for Gaming Nirvana

4D Armrests

Customization is key, and the T3 RUSH understands that. The 4D armrests allow for adjustments in height, angle, and lateral movement, ensuring your arms find the perfect position for both gaming and general use.

Recline and Rock

Equipped with a reclining feature that allows for a 180-degree tilt, the T3 RUSH lets you find the optimal position for relaxation or focus. The rocking function adds an extra layer of dynamic movement, enhancing the immersive feel during gaming or movie sessions.

Seat Height Adjustment

Tailor the chair to your preference with easy seat height adjustments. The Class 4 gas lift ensures smooth transitions, allowing users to find the ideal height for their gaming setup.

Comfort Crafted for Gaming

Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Say goodbye to back discomfort with the T3 RUSH’s memory foam lumbar pillow. This innovative feature molds to the contours of your spine, offering targeted support to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Breathable Fabric, Gaming Chair

Gaming can be intense, and so can the heat. The T3 RUSH’s breathable fabric ensures optimal air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable even during the most heated gaming battles.

Style Meets Substance | Gaming Chair

Vibrant Color Options

Express your gaming personality with the T3 RUSH’s array of vibrant color options. Whether you prefer a bold red, sleek black, or a racing-inspired combination, CORSAIR provides choices to match your gaming setup.

Easy Maintenance

Life happens, spills occur, but the T3 RUSH is up to the challenge. The faux leather is easy to clean, ensuring that your gaming chair remains as pristine as your gaming skills.

Where to Integrate Images | Gaming Chair

To enhance the reader’s visual understanding of the CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair, consider adding images in the following sections:

  1. Sleek Design, Sturdy Build: Showcase the chair from different angles, highlighting the race-car-inspired design and the materials used.
  2. 4D Armrests: Include images illustrating the versatility of the 4D armrest adjustments.
  3. Recline and Rock: Show the chair in different reclined positions, demonstrating the 180-degree tilt and the rocking function.
  4. Memory Foam Lumbar Support: Provide close-up images of the memory foam lumbar pillow, emphasizing its ergonomic design.
  5. Breathable Fabric: Visuals showing the fabric and its breathable properties, promoting airflow.
  6. Vibrant Color Options: Display the chair in different color options to help readers visualize how it can complement their gaming setup.
  7. Easy Maintenance: Infographics or visuals depicting the easy cleaning process of the faux leather.


In the competitive landscape of gaming chairs, the CORSAIR T3 RUSH emerges as a frontrunner, blending style with ergonomic brilliance. Elevate your gaming experience and invest in the T3 RUSH  where comfort, functionality, and style seamlessly converge to redefine the way you play.


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