Gaming Chair Omega 2020 House Lannister

Property Value
Brand Secretlab
Colour House Lannister
Material Faux Leather
Product Dimensions 49D x 55.9W x 126H centimeters
Size 19.3D x 22W x 49.6H in
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Gaming Chair Omega 2020 House Lannister

  1. Officially Licensed: Game Of Thrones Gaming Chair – House Lannister
  2. All-Day Comfort: PC chair with cold-cure foam for ideal posture, includes memory foam lumbar and head pillows for extended sitting support
  3. Adjustable Gamer Chair: Full-metal 4D armrests for durability and ease of movement
  4. Full Control: Full-length backrest with 165-degree recline and multi-tilt mechanism for personalized chair positioning
  5. Durable PU Leather: PRIME 2.0 PU leather engineered to be 4 times more durable than regular PU leathers
  6. Plush and Supple Feel: PU leather maintains a luxurious texture while being highly durable
  7. Designed for You: The Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair recommended for individuals under 5’11” and 240 lbs
  8. Award-Winning Brand: Over 2,000,000 users worldwide, 50+ “Editor’s Choice” awards, and trusted by global Esports champions
  9. Seating Experience: Striving to provide the best seating experience for users
  10. Extended Warranty: 5-year extended warranty offered for extra peace of mind.

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Technical Details

Property Value
Brand Secretlab
Model Number OM20-PU-LIC-GOT2
Color House Lannister
Product Dimensions 49.02 x 55.88 x 125.98 cm; 29.94 Kilograms
Material Faux Leather
Special Features Arm Rest, Cushion Availability
Item Weight 29.9 Kilograms

Embracing the Throne: Secretlab Omega 2020 House Lannister Gaming Chair

In the world of gaming chairs, the Secretlab Omega 2020 House Lannister edition stands as a symbol of luxury and power. Let’s dive into the intricate details that make this gaming throne a tribute to the iconic House Lannister from the realms of Westeros.

The Essence of House Lannister

A Union of Gaming and Royalty

Secretlab, known for its premium gaming chairs, takes inspiration from the epic saga of Game of Thrones with the House Lannister edition. This chair isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a testament to the grandeur and opulence associated with House Lannister.

Design Fit for a Lord, Gaming Chair

The House Lannister edition boasts a regal design that mirrors the opulence of the Red Keep. Adorned with the lion sigil and the Lannister crimson, it captures the essence of the house known for its cunning, wealth, and influence.

Features Fit for Kings and Queens

Ergonomic Excellence

At the core of the Omega 2020 is Secretlab’ s commitment to ergonomic design. The chair’s high backrest provides comprehensive support for the entire spine, ensuring a comfortable and healthy posture during extended gaming sessions.

Cold-Cure Foam Padding

Luxury meets comfort with the cold-cure foam padding. This ensures not only a plush seating experience but also durability, maintaining the chair’s shape even after prolonged use.

4D Armrests, Gaming Chair

Customization takes center stage with the 4D armrests. Gamers can adjust the height, angle, width, and depth, allowing for a personalized and comfortable arm positioning.

Craftsmanship in Crimson and Gold

Premium Materials

Crafted with precision, the House Lannister edition features premium PU leather, combining durability with a touch of extravagance. The chair’s embroidered lion sigil and gold accents further elevate its regal aesthetics.

Lumbar Support Fit for Royalty

The chair is equipped with adjustable lumbar support, ensuring that every gamer, like a true lord or lady, can tailor their seating experience for optimal comfort and posture.

Style Meets Strategy | Gaming Chair

A Throne for Every Gamer

Whether you’re conquering realms in a strategy game or engaging in fierce battles, the House Lannister edition is a throne that complements your gaming prowess. The chair’s design seamlessly integrates with various gaming setups, making it a versatile choice for gamers.

Subtle Branding

The Secretlab logo is subtly placed, ensuring that the Lannister aesthetic remains the focal point. It’s a chair that pays homage to the House Lannister without compromising the brand’s identity.

Where to Integrate Images | Gaming Chair

To enhance the reader’s visual experience, consider adding images in the following sections:

  1. Design Fit for a Lord: Showcase the chair from different angles, highlighting the lion sigil, crimson color, and gold accents.
  2. Ergonomic Excellence: Visuals demonstrating the high backrest and ergonomic features, emphasizing the chair’s commitment to comfort.
  3. Premium Materials: Close-up shots of the premium PU leather and embroidered lion sigil, showcasing the craftsmanship.
  4. Lumbar Support Fit for Royalty: Illustrate the adjustable lumbar support feature, emphasizing its functionality and ease of customization.
  5. A Throne for Every Gamer: Display the chair in various gaming setups, demonstrating its versatility and compatibility with different environments.

Conclusion, Gaming Chair

The Secretlab Omega 2020 House Lannister Gaming Chair transcends the realm of gaming furniture; it’s a tribute to the grandeur of House Lannister. As you immerse yourself in epic gaming adventures, let this chair be a throne that not only supports your victories but also reflects the regality and strategy reminiscent of the Lannisters in the world of Westeros.


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    by Nancy Smith

    The Gaming Chair Omega 2020 House Lannister exceeded my expectations! It arrived swiftly via Amazon, and the secure payment process added peace of mind. Thanks for an exceptional product!

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